• Interviewer: Do you sometimes recognize fans you've seen before in the audience?
  • Alex Turner: I don't even recognize the rest of the band sometimes

Brooklyn, NY / 10.19.11

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“Any advice I would’ve given to my 19-year-old self I wouldn’t have listened to anyway.” 

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Anonymous asked:
Hey! You guys run a great blog, and have brilliant music taste! Have a beautiful, blessed day!! (:

thank u lovey ♥ u too!!

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wolfflane asked:
The hives are literally the best band live they're so much fun so it doesn't matter if anon hasn't seem them, but they play a few popular ones like IDIOT and die alright and tick tick boom.
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Anonymous asked:
hey i bought am tickets to see them in november and the hives is going to be opening the show but i don't really know them so i was wondering if maybe you'd have their opening setlist? idk if its called like that haha sorry but i think you got it and thanks anyway :-)

omg how do yal know the opening act already?! and sorry i have no clue i’ve never listened to them hah

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Arctic Monkeys live at The Pageant, 2011 [x]

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lovely--thoughts asked:
How many times have you seen am live? I'm seeing them for the first time in a week and I am so excited I don't know what to do

0 times lol my first will be in late october, hope u have fun at ur concert!!

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O2 arena, London, 29.10.2011