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which version is this? /post/100183264681/oh-my-god-the-version-of-diwk-of-alex-on-his-own

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hey im going to arctic monkeys in houston too in 2 weeks but im scared of ebola :(

we can go wrapped in ceramic wrap together it’ll be okay

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OH MY GOD THE VERSION OF DIWK OF ALEX ON HIS OWN/ ACOUSTIC!!!!!!!!! hOW. CAN. i. download it I NEED IT !!!????!!!!!???

get xkit!!!!!! and get the audio downloader extension!!!!!! have fun!!!!!

Title: I Wanna Be Yours
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Played: 1713 times

Arctic Monkeys - I Wanna Be Yours Live at Finsbury Park 23/05/14

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reason i cant find anything on suck it and see tag?

theres like 20 posts in the suck it and see tag cmon