Anonymous asked:
do they sometimes hang around before or after concerts with fans to sign stuff or do they usually just leave? i want to get an autograph

some people catch them when they do rehearsal at like noon or after the show but idk how often they still meet fans after their shows, i think it’s gotten harder to do that

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getting-tired-of-you asked:
Wow okay I love this blog so much, there's so much really good AM stuff here its unbelievable, thanks so much for running such a fabulous blog! :3❤

thanks bb!!!!! :) 

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Anonymous asked:
what photoshop should i get if i just want to make simple gifs for tumblr? i was thinking photoshop cc

photoshop cs5 definitely 


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V Festival, Weston Park, 21.08.2011


Anonymous asked:
should you bring a bag or not if you're going to be at a festival all day??

i have to carry my phone and money but also to fit a water bottle cause the waters they sell are super overpriced and its very easy to get dehydrated @ festivals

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I was one of those people along the barrier that broke during their show tonight in Council Bluffs, IA. I hurt my leg when we all fell but god it was still an amazing night!

You can kinda hear Alex’s little “woahhh” when we all went down.

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